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Would you like to become a contributing author to my blog? Always wanted to add your own knowledge to a technology blog? Now you can! I am currently accepting offers from contributing authors. It is not a paid position, as I do not make much more than a few cents a day of this blog, but it is an opportunity to add a little something extra to your resume, or just a fantastic way to spend your extra time. There is no minimum number of posts you need to make, whether it be 1 a month, or 5 times a week, anything is accepted. Posts will be monitored for quality and accuracy just to make sure the blog is providing quality information, but otherwise you will be free to post what you want, as long as it relates to mobile technology.

If you are interested, please email me at

Please make sure you include your email address with which you will be using for your blogger account, as well as your full name, and a link to your blogger profile. I will email you a reply allowing access, provided everything is good to go.

I look forward to seeing your posts on my blog!

Elliott Butler
Elliott's Electronics Blog Owner/Admin

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